Learning languages is fun, exciting and challenging. I have been preoccupied lately with our flat’s simple makeover, paper crafts (my newfound hobby) and organizing my self-study tools for learning a third language, in my case, Norwegian. Norway has 3 official languages, Bokmål, Nynorsk,Sami and plenty dialects but as a newbie like me I’ll stick with Bokmål. My husband, Paul, is using it and as a Norwegian native (born and raised here and yes he have a Bergen dialect). I want to learn norsk ever since the day I started to work in a Norwegian company years ago, I am fascinated with it. I have noticed how difficult it is to pronounce most of their words, I even thought that all European countries can understand each other LOL, I’ve read Norsk is a North Germanic language together with the 2 other Scandinavian countries Sweden and Denmark. So they can understand each other huh.

To sum up my references online :

Learning about the culture and online interaction with other immigrants like me , ealier this year I joined the Norway forum on Expat.com 





https://www.norwegianclass101.com/  – They have paid classes and an app too






My Favorite Self Study Site: it’s FREE!

Norwegian on the Web (NoW), this is a 10-chapter online learning platform hosted by NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): https://www.ntnu.edu/now

My Fave Helpful Blogs/Sites – There’s a lot of sites, but I have listed here my picks at the moment.


A Frog in the Fjord




Pinay Odyssey

# 4



koko the polyglot

Sites with APPS :

(right now, I just use two)



Widely used book for A1-A2 Norsk Learners:

På Vei textbook and workbook, combined with online exercises and listening files found on: http://pavei2004.cappelendamm.no/ and http://pavei-oppgaver.cappelendamm.no/

Easy online newspaper in norsk




While for my books on hand I only have 4 right now which I use interchangeably:


According to the immigration rule for a foreigner like me married to a Norwegian, I am entitled of the Right and Obligation of the Norwegian Language Requirement to complete 600 hours of instruction. Of these hours, 50 must be for instruction in social studies in a language that the participant understands. It is also possible to be granted a limited number of free hours of Norwegian language instruction. These hours are granted according to need and may not exceed a total of 3,000 hours.

Kindly refer to this link :Kompetanse Norge OR Language Requirement

How Norway assesses your Educational Background:

In my case, I am classified as a Skilled Worker as well for being a Sykepleier.

And they have an educational department which strictly counterchecks each foreigner’s education from their home country. They are responsible in assessing and accreditation of your education which must meet the Norwegian education standards/equivalence  NOKUT site

Then I need to have my authorization to work as Sykepleier here by applying at Helsedirektoret  

and they have a language requirement :

Language skills

You are required to pass a Norwegian language test at level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference of languages, CEFR).  «Test of Norwegian – advanced level» (Norwegian: Test i norsk – høyere nivå, also known as Bergenstesten) is the most common language test to prove such skills (the grade pass/bestått corresponds to B2 level). Both the oral and the written exam must be passed. The Norwegian test for adult immigrants by Vox also tests Norwegian skills at the B2 level.

You can also fulfil this requirement by documenting language skills in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish at the same level. Documentation of the following will be considered to correspond to the B2 level in Norwegian:

  • Examination in Norwegian or Norwegian as a second language on the “VG3-level” (393 hours) from Norwegian upper secondary school
  • Level 3 examination in Norwegian for foreign students at Norwegian universities with the grade C or better
  • Examination from the 1-year course (60 ECTS) in Norwegian language and culture for foreign students, taken at a university or a university college, with the grade C or better
  • Completed all 9 or 10 years of primary and lower secondary school where the language of instruction was Norwegian
  • Completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) courses Norwegian A or Norwegian B at least at standard level with the grade 3 or better

We advise applicants with little or no knowledge of the Norwegian language to start their language training before they apply for authorisation. For some three years can be a short time to reach the required level.

So these are the updated requirements to prepare, pass and truly settle and practice my nurse profession here by learning the Norwegian language.

I would also like to try using the paid services for learning norsk with LINGU , I am very impressed with their teaching style and tools for learning, so I might be signing up with their classes soon should I feel my homebased self-study is lacking more substance or I need to speed up my studying so I can be a fully functional immigrant here in Norway to serve this country. Yup, I am very eager to start this new phase of my life, learn as much as I can, but currently language is a barrier and I need to break that. I am personally experiencing it right now, most Norwegians especially the younger ones can talk English BUT some people will just stare at me/respond to me in Norsk/ignore me when I tell them my magic phase “Jeg snakker lit norsk” whew “Snakker du engelsk, PLEASE” hahahahha OMG I want to IMPROVE and have a real conversation in Norwegian. It’s frustrating but I know I can learn. I shall.


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