As soon as I got my approval letter from the politi/udi I rushed to enroll myself for Norskkurs in Breidablik Læringssenter.

I didn’t want to waste any time so I can join the Autumn semester. Hooray I got in! One thing the kommune wanted me to do was to go thru TB Kontroll as mandated by the health ministry here for immigrants from countries prone to TB. You can check here if you want to learn the List of countries to be sure if you need to comply with the testing.

So after I go through the medical exams, I received the paper that my school needs and August 22,2017 I am officially a norskkurs student.

First Day of School

Prior to my enrollment, I equipped myself with these books I’ve started to self-study. And I was given the free textbook and workbook På Vei plus school supplies like notebooks and pencil.

I find it very secured and supportive of the government to assist immigrants like me in adjusting to the country by starting with the language school. In my case I am entitled to 600hours of learning for norskkurs (or up to 3000hours) and 50 hours for samfunnskunnskap (social studies) from the kommune me and my husband belongs to.

It would depend on the visa type on how many hours you can get for free or if you need to pay. You can read it HERE .

In my next post, I will be sharing my student guide in learning norsk.


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