After a numerous back and forth flights from the PH to NO since 2014, I have finally moved here for good. What are the quick facts every Filipino should know prior to moving here?

In this post I will be sharing most of the updated information when it comes to migrating here.

1. Visa

Filipino citizens can only apply thru UDI for the application of your visa.

Family Reunification Visa

-Consists of spouse, children or parent of Norwegian citizens or residents.

– Fiancee or fiancé of Norwegian citizen/resident

Work Visa

– Sure hired employee by a Norwegian based employer with cleared approval by UDI as a skilled worker or any permanent position in the company.

NOTE: Filipinos with Tourist or Schengen Visa are not encouraged or allowed to find work, negotiate or work upon visiting here in Norway. I get a lot of emails lately about this and I decided to include here in my blog.

2. Language

In general, I highly recommend to prepare learning norwegian. Of course you are moving here and it would be really helpful to know that you are entitled to a duty and right to fulfill the norwegian language requirement

if you’re under Family Reunification then you are entitled to free 550 hours of norskkurs and 50 hours samfunskunnskap,

should you apply for permanent residency:

pass Norskprøve A2 and samfunskunnskap examination.

3. Education

If you have completed a college/university degree and want your education recognized here this is for you:

Send a copy from your school registrar of your school documents SEALED to NOKUT

and also send another set copy of school documents SEALED to SAMMORDNAOPPTAK if you need to study further here in Norway.

If you are a nurse, doctor or dentist or caregiver:

You need to apply to SAK for authorisation.

4. Skatteetaten

Skaaaa whatttt? Yes! That’s their BIR slash NSO here. Upon arriving here within 7 days, you need to report your move here, register yourself in the folkeregister, apply for the tax card, apply your test certificate for people who want to get married here or register your child’s birth here.

5. NAV

The National Insurance Scheme here entails an immigrant like us can have benefits as long as we have been able to work previously for a year. NAV is the exact opposite of SSS in pinas LOL. So if I were you, do your best to work happily here and you would see that big difference someday. I cannot give my personal experience yet because I am not asking any benefits from them but I definitely see their great welfare structure here in Norway. NAV also assists people who are seeking jobs.

6. Transportation

If you have an LTO Driver’s License, you can drive here within your first 3 months here and after that you cannot drive unless you take the requirements for Norwegian Drivers License.

Statens Vegvesen is their LTO here. It’s expensive to get a driver’s license here so don’t be shocked. Other means of transportation here are buses, taxi, ferrie – no jeepneys, tricycles, pedicabs or habal habals.

7. Food

As usual, food is also expensive here.

Some of the groceries to name here are Kiwi, Rema 1000, Meny, Europris, Coop. And if you want to shop for filipino food, I’m sure you have the nearest Asian store there.

8. Clothes

Try to buy and bring good quality clothes and shoes from pinas so you have enough to mix and match if you want to save a bit money too. Shoes for the rainy and snowy weather is a must so don’t forget that too!

9. Bank

You need a personummer from skatteetaten to open a bank account here and get your own bankid. Popular banks here are DNB, Nordea but I would suggest that you visit finansportalen site so that you can have a broad information for comparison on the different banks and their banking fees.

That’s all for now and I’ll be soon updating this page. I hope I have given some very useful information for you kabayans!


  1. Fast and easy intro guide! I love it when you compared their offices to our local offices in Pinas! Brilliant!


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