According to one study from NAV pertaining to job-searching here says that 60% of jobs are not advertised online. That’s basically Word of Mouth ,Referral method or  Walk IN application process. Typically for a new immigrant like me that means I should also widen my network, find a volunteer work and research more online since I basically don’t know many people so I spent nights researching and here’s the list I have gathered:

NAV have their own database where people can register as jobseekers, ask advice and find available jobs per city, click HERE


Here’s other places we can check and find available jobs :

  1. EURES The European Job Mobility Portal with English Page
  3. Careerjet NO
  4. FINN NO
  5. IKTjobb NO
  6. www.inkludi.no
  7. www.jobbdirekte.no
  8. Jobbnorge NO with English Page
  9. Jobbsafari NO with English Page
  10. Jobb24 NO
  11. Journalisten NO
  12. Karriereguiden NO
  13. Karrierestart NO
  14. lederjobb NO
  15. Legejobber NO
  16. Medrec NO
  17. Monster NO
  18. rubrikk no
  19. stepstone.no
  20. stillinger.no
  22. TU Jobb
  23. University Positions with English Page

norge jobs.png

Have your CV and cover letter ready, sign up and happy job hunting!

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