norskkurs summary

It’s been long months since my last post and learning the Norwegian language made me took a break from writing in english. When I started Norskkurs last August 2017, I was so afraid to step out from my comfort zone. Forgetting english is so damn hard. Plus the only way I can clarify with my norsk lærer (norwegian teacher) whenever I do not understand what he was saying was to simply ask in ENGLISH.

As my dedication in learning the language, I learned that my progression in the CEFR levels requires focus and self-determination.  Knowing these levels gauges our learning ability in the new language. I’ve uploaded the English equivalency for the levels below:


A1 is like kindergarten, literally LOL. It was so fun. I learned how to properly call things, people, count, colours, animals, food, etc. a1pix

A2 is very basic and gave me the survival mode feels. All basic grammar components in the language was introduced. From nouns to adjectives.


The most important part for me was to build my vocabulary and learn the construction of the sentences. From plain statements to making questions. norskkurs3

We were being trained in the four aspects of the language learning : WRITING, READING, LISTENING AND SPEAKING. Some days we have net-based exercises as well. Dictation exam was also done once a week to test our listening and (spelling) writing skills. diktat

Going to school for four hours, 4x a week has boosted my Norwegian learning consistently because studying a new language requires a lot of practice. I also went to my samfunskunnskap (Norwegian Social Studies) class once a week for three months completing my 50 hour requirement too. I passed it already. (I’ll be creating a separate post for that)

At the time of this writing I am definitely looking forward to returning to norskkurs this August 16th for continuous learning until I am ready to take the B2 level for norskprøve winter 2018. In my case, I have a hard time mastering language, maybe its because I work at the same time which slowed down my learning recently. Here’s my quick tips that you may need. Learn from my mistakes LOL. Golden (2)



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