Help is here! Upon moving here in Norway, there is this anxiety slowly building up inside with the unknown facts or procedures. Where to go, what to file and so on…

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Some of the rules, waiting times – varies depending on your Nationality and type of VISA but the procedure is generally the same.


How do you get a residence card?



Getting your Person number (fødselsnummer)  is very easy if you know what to do. Nobody taught me that a year and a half ago. Me and my husband needed to go back twice to the skatt office. LMAO

  • Report your move to Norway (fill out the form you can download it in the skatt website)
  • Bring your husband to make it soooo damn easy and let him do all the talking. LOL But seriously, of course you can go there alone. Don’t forget to bring your copies of your marriage certificate, if you own the house or renting you also need a proof like a copy of the contract under your husband’s name (or maybe your name), your foreign passport ( prepare a copy in case they ask).
  • As of June 2018, I have read in UDI website their announcement specifically for third-country nationals regarding an automatic assignment of fødselsnummer. You can see their announcement here.

Form RF-1401

Report a move to Norway from abroad

If you plan to live in Norway for more than six months, you must report your relocation to Norway no later than eight days after your arrival. Before you show up at the Tax office you need to book an appointment.

Download, complete and bring to us. You need to book an appointment with the Tax office first.

Report moving to Norway

Everyone who is required to report their relocation to Norway must report to one of the selected tax offices for an ID check. You need to book an appointment with the Tax office for your ID check.

Usually, you have to go to a tax office for ID control when you’re reporting your move to Norway.
This also the case for Norwegian citizens who are moving back to Norway. If you’re moving to Norway with your family, all members of your family must go to the tax office.


  • When you intend to stay in Norway for less than six months, you do not have to report the move. However, you must go to the tax office to get a temporary identification number (D number).
  • When you’ve applied for protection (asylum) and are getting a residence permit, when you’re a resettlement refugee, or when you’re a witness in a human trafficking case, you do not have to report the move. If you fall into one of these categories, it’ll be taken care of electronically via the UDI (the immigration administration).

You will require the following documentation

First, remember that you need book an appointment.

The type of documentation you will need will depend on where you come from:

Bring your change of address notification

You can download and complete the form in advance.


You will receive a letter in the post when we have registered your move to Norway. The letter will be sent to your new address as registered with the National Registry. Remember to put your name on your new post-box. You will receive a letter in Altinn if you are registered as an online user.


Getting Married In Norway? READ THIS

What the hell is VIGSELSATTEST? If you got married here in Norway, then that’s your Marriage Certificate. Make sure to order the local and international copies (it’s free anyway lol) because you might need them handy sooner or later.


All citizens, residents,  foreigners who work in Norway have a tax card.

If you have a Norwegian employer, they can order it for you OR you can process it online by yourself using your fødselsnummer and electronic ID.

REMEMBER: If you do not fix your skattekort ahead of time, your employer will deduct 50% of your pay! (That happened to me!) Read more here.



Like what I’ve said earlier, rules in driving here will depend on which country you came from. There is a difference for licenses of people from EU/EEA countries than the non-EU/EEA with a few exceptions where they can exchange their foreign drivers licenses :













For countries not mentioned above but you have a drivers license you are exempted to some areas of the basic driving course. Otherwise you need to take the whole drivers license course. More info here.


Opening a bank account here in Norway is also fast.

  • Just have your DUF number ( you can find it in your UDI emails) and Fødselsnummer ready.
  • Then bring your original  and copy of your residence visa/permit/card.
  • Bring your passport for their routine legitimation check.
  • Do not forget to ask for BANKID. It makes all your signing digitally seamless. You can also read my banking experience here.


  • Find your kommune’s designated school for free Norwegian courses for adults.
  • Some keywords are : Norskopplæring for voksne innvandrere, Gratis Norskkurs (Having a google translate opened in another tab was very helpful to me before )
  • The school also ask for the mandatory Tuberculosis test done in your health station for all foreigners from TB-prone countries in their list.
  • Remember to enroll for norskkurs and samfunnskunskap because it is given to us free as spouses of Norwegian citizens. We need to learn the Norwegian language to fully integrate in the society. 



If you want to start your own subscription, the language is always in NORWEGIAN for all contracts though most of the providers offer ENGLISH for customer service purposes. They will also require for your fødselsnummer and legitimation check upon signing up with their services. Bills are sent on your mailbox or you can ask to have an e-Faktura (digital invoice sent to your email).


Once gaining your fødselsnummer, minID and BankID you can access all sites like the following:  (your overall inbox) (for taxes, report of moving, etc )  (for you to get your LEGE/doctor but this site requires higher level of log in security such as BankID) (for social welfare)

-Most of government powered sites suited for all Norwegian residents/citizens are accessible via digital sign-ins.


So far, these are the most important things I can remember when I moved here in Norway. Hope it helps and save more time for you. Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message if you have some questions! I’ll be gladly to help you!


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