I have been getting a lot of mails regarding this and you know that I only extract information from the UDI’s site about this major aspect in obtaining the PR. We all know that they have 3 main requirements and this one is by far the hardest one to attain. That you need to be earning money like it’s some part proof of your successful integration to the society. I like it. I wouldn’t dare to argue on that. I think they only started to implement this rule last 2017 (I’m not super sure if I remember the year correctly).

As of today, this is the requirement for immigrants between 18 to 67 years of age, applying for the Norwegian permanent residence permit. It means you have an independent income and not benefitting from the social security programme for the last year. 

What does independent income mean?  It means your sponsor cannot transfer funds to your account that you can use to show UDI that you have met the minimum requirement. You cannot declare your spouse’s income or other relative’s earnings as your own. You must have earned it by yourself.

How much is that?

Your income should be at least NOK 242 966 before tax in total for the last 12months. Here’s a list of incomes that UDI accepts: 

  • income from employment
  • business income (from your own company) 
  • pension payments or permanent periodical benefits, for example  earned interest and regular income from insurance settlements, contractual pensions, personal pension schemes, income from life insurance, rental income.  
  • sickness benefit, pregnancy benefit, parental benefit, retirement pension, unemployment benefit, work assessment allowance, single parent’s benefit. 
  • loans or grants received in connection with studies 
  • introduction benefit 

They have also stated in their guidelines that: ” You can have one or more of these types of income, but your total income must be at least NOK 242 966 pre-tax. Other types of income from NAV are not approved.”

You also qualify if you are: 

  • You had a full-time job for the last 12 months and had been paid the legal minimum wages, regardless if it was less than NOK 242 966 before taxes.
  • You had student loans and grants of at least NOK 111 657 for the last 12 months. 

They also said that you must have not received social security benefits from NAV for the last year BUT:

They accept the following , if you have received one of these types of social security benefits: 

  • Supplementary social support 
  • Social security benefits while waiting for sickness benefit, pregnancy benefit, parental benefit, retirement pension, unemployment benefit, work assessment allowance or support for single parents. 
  • housing benefits  

Upon submitting, my life changes, what’s next? 

As they process your application they will count your income for the last 12 months before you submitted your application for the PR permit. 

Well, if you, at the time you submitted your application, reached  both the income requirement and the requirement for not having received social security benefits during the last 12 months, it will not matter if your income changes afterwards.  

Who are the lucky ones? 

You are exempted if: 

  • you are a student at lower or upper secondary school 
  • you have been a full-time student at university college or university level for the last 12 months 
  • you receive a disability pension from NAV 
  • you were unable to work, or you were only able to work less than 50% of a full-time position, during the last 12 months because you are sick or have an injury  
  • you are under 18 years old when we process your application 
  • you are 67 years old or older when we process your application  

The UDI also stated that they may also give consideration if you can be exempted from the requirements as long as  you can prove that it is absolutely unreasonable that they require you to financially support yourself. Take note that they give exemptions in such reasonably exceptional circumstances. 

What if you don’t meet their rules?

Try harder. Be fair to yourself and to everyone else on the same boat.


  1. …. and getting a job when you dont speak Norwegian is REALLY frustrating. Everywhere requires Norwegian or a Nordic language. Speaking English well doesnt help the situation at all. Luckily, there are Norwegian classes you can take that are funded by the government.


  2. Hi Stiina Marie! I totally agree with you. It’s one hard truth we all face here as immigrants. We need to learn norsk and work for hitting the income requirement. Thank god we get free norskkurs 🙂 How long have you been staying here in Norway?


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