Last 17 January 2017, I started a vlog documenting my usage of’s Lanolin Egg Soap. And as a regular consumer, I would like to share my experience from ordering, receiving and using their product.

Ordering : Their website is easy to navigate with, just sign up and one important thing is to make sure you have a paypal account for paying your items :).

Delivery: As of my latest lanolin egg soap order, last 23 November 2018, I am very satisfied to receive it today 27 November 2018. It took 4 days! Super happy here! They also gave some soap freebies yay! Thanks so much!

Usage: I recommend to use the soap at least twice a day. One in the morning and in the evening. It has a little sticky yet firming effect and it amazingly repairs all my blemishes as you can see in my vlogs. My biggest mistake was I got a 3 month break from using it and that’s bad because I think it’s best to be consistent in using it so the results are continuous. Now I heavily depend on using this soap again for treating my small blemishes again and I am confident that this soap will help a lot as it did last year. I will update this post for the upcoming results of my favorite egg soap!


As of 29 November 2018, the blemishes are still visible.


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