I’ve heard a lot of stories from different immigrants who came here around 2000-2015 that it wasn’t so strict when it comes to the norwegian language during that time. Most of them were able to settle quickly in the working system in just a few months after moving here. Lucky them, so I thought.

It is really challenging now, especially here in my area, they require that you must be fluent in norsk. I had no choice but to work and study norsk at the same time. Honestly, I have slowed down my learning progression. I started my norskurs last year and I began working offshore again earlier this year (February) which divided my attention and focus in studying. Of course the working language is in norwegian but I lack a lot of vocabulary words in describing things. I have been communicating in norsk but always ending up in english for situations where I cannot fully describe in norsk. I hate myself for being so dumb.

Last week, we have been given sample exercises for the spoken exam or Muntlig Norskprøve. Even if I wasn’t lined up to take the exam, students like me were given a chance to experience the mock tests. I was able to take pics for A1-A2 sample test.

It was fun and exciting because we were able to get a clear idea on how they conduct the exams.   I was not able to take pics for A2-B1 og B1-B2 mocks but the questions are all based from the books per level. The topics for the next level are the following: 

That’s why I’ve decided to take more time in preparing for Bergenstest next year because it’s important for me to hit all the criteria for reaching the B2-C1 level of the language. Best of luck to all of us! 🙂 


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