My hair is dry and severely damaged due to excessive hair dyes last year and usage of chlorinated water from ships. I have tried the following hair care products such as Sacha Juan, John Frieda, Redken, Kerastase and CHI alternatively but I still get massive hair falls, frizz and dryness. I like those products as well yet something is missing which led me to seeking a better solution since hair care treatments here in Norway is not so popular (or if they have it here it must be super expensive lol)

Two months ago, I’ve heard of this product from a good friend of mine, Pauline Deyparine (Thanks so much Poleng) , so when I got the chance to order @Poleng Store PH, 10 sachets for Php 1,345 and ship it here in Norway together with my other small stuff via EMS Philpost, it costed Php2,500 for the shipping and it took 20 days from Manila to Norway. Total expenses in NOK was around 500kr (my items was below 350kr toll free limit). Thanks to my best friend, Bernadette Colina for canvassing prices from the other couriers in the PH and found EMS Philpost as the best one to shipping it here. Other big couriers like Fedex, DHL or JRS Express were way too expensive to ship a package less than 1kg. 

Here’s my hideous hair without pressing straightening irons or blowers: ( sorry if it’s a bit dark and the picture was taken by my totally clueless husband when I asked him to take a picture of my back lmao) .

This is the effect of Biowoman Hair Detox after 5 consecutive days. I applied Biowoman Hair Detox every day after shampooing for about 20-30 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. It also smells nice too. 🙂  

It didn’t totally take off the frizz (around 60% especially the upper portion of my hair has some frizz) but it made my hair silky smooth and livelier now though. It tamed the crazy waves of my damaged hair as well and for that I am very thankful that I can use this hair treatment to keep me from ironing my hair all the time. I have enough to use the detox sachets once a week until I get my next supply from the PH. It’s totally worth the wait for me from PH to Norway.  Happy and relieved – I can’t wait to order more. 🙂 

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