It’s official as of today, 16 December 2018, finally! The citizenship law hasn’t been touched since 1888 and for the first time after 130 years, after endless debates and controversies, thankfully it has been made possible now for immigrants like me not to give up my citizenship as a Filipino. 

I cannot say much in regards to other nationalities because the dual citizenship law depends from one’s country of nationality and citizenship while living here in Norway permanently. A thorough explanation can be found from UDI’s site about dual citizenship. In my case, Filipinos like me do not need renounce our citizenship anymore which means I can still keep my identity as a Filipino citizen which allows me to still have the following :

-PH passport (that feeling that I do not need to be treated like I’m a foreigner to my own homeland and still go to a long line whenever I am heading to the immigration counter haha), purchase real estate property, can run for public service office when I return to the PH, legally work or study again anywhere in the PH without any hassles for paperworks or PH visa (it can be a different set of rules though).


Conflict of interest as they said. I think it’s a question of loyalty for such cases where someone commits a criminal or legal offence. Another thing I can see is the double taxation. Belonging to 2 countries means paying taxes to both of them accordingly. Rights and duties. 

Overall, I am very happy about this news as my teacher announced it earlier. I think he knows this is a very significant matter for us. 

Source: abc news 


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