#1 Never Lie

As a volunteer expat advisor one of the worst thing that has been consulted with me was this simple case about a lady wanting to go back here in Norway. I do not know her personal details like her real name, address, etc. but she just used an alias to contact me. She said that she was an au pair before, met her Norwegian fiancé and plan to get her kid in the PH. BUT there is one problem. On her first application in UDI she never declared that she have a kid.

The rules are still the same for Au Pair Application up to this date.

In answer to all previous Au Pair/s out there who LIED to work here in Norway, you need to be truthful to yourself. Honesty is the best policy. It is a serious offence to answer falsely when they let you fill out the application forms and this checklist below :

Question number 17.

And at the end of this form, YOU SIGNED and submitted your application to the authorities.

The result of providing false identity and/or information:

To ensure that the Norwegian authorities know at all times who is residing in Norway and who wishes to enter Norway, it is important that the foreign service missions carry out checks to confirm identity and follow up cases in relation to the UDI in which false documents have been used or incorrect information about identity has been given.

Confirmed identity is vital to ensure that people do not use false identities, two identities or that more than one person uses the same identity. Confirmed identity is also vital to ensure that foreign nationals are not granted unlawful entry into Norway or a permit pursuant to the Immigration Act and the Norwegian Nationality Act.

Norway also has a responsibility in relation to the other countries in the Schengen Agreement as regards ensuring that foreign nationals are not granted unlawful entry into Norway and, therefore, the rest of the Schengen area. If there is no border control when passing an internal border in the Schengen area, a greater responsibility rests on the individual countries, including in connection with processing applications for entry into the individual countries, to ensure that those who do not have a confirmed identity are not granted entry into the Schengen area.

If, in connection with the preparation of a case (e.g. in cases concerning family immigration, work, study or visas) or processing an application, cf. above, a foreign service mission discovers that an applicant has provided a false identity or used false/forged documents, the foreign service mission shall open an expulsion case.

It is awfully sad to know when people choose to lie for the sake of earning more abroad and hiding the truth of having a kid prior to application as an Au Pair in Norway is a solid ground for expulsion. It is intentional when an Au Pair LIES and provides the wrong information in the first place. Then in applying for the change of visa status to fiancé, familiegjenforening, you declaring you have a child from before. See the conflict? Are you expecting the authorities will say yes?This is not the first case that one has lied and was really sent back to the PH. Google it. Do not ask for sympathy to the media because people who lie do not deserve a chance. You cannot run away from the truth. Be fair to yourself and pay the consequences.


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